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timeless rhythms

In a new installment of her creative process, Astrid Sommer goes back into abstraction. Rather than as a representation of the strugle to find the immanent in the trascendent without losing the circle of it’s own temporality, the decomposition of the essence of her thought, her idea of art in a traditional way that until recently she had drawn to express, now venturing into abstraction as a metaphor for the existence and the totality of the plastic work as a whole. In these works, making reference to music as the artistic message by excellence. She sees the plastic form as the sounds,

that is, in it’s temporality reduced to our relationship with a note that penetrates our consciousness to understand the last note and the next, the same way we try to deal with the past and the future. Thus, Astrid Sommer sees the sound composition, not as a witness of passing of time in the traditional testimonial way, but as the only alive instant and close to being in the magical surprise of art. In this work she searches and shares. In her art she ponders and senses, crates and proposes.

Let’s open our eyes and full being to make it ours.



Rafael Tovar y de Teresa

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