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It seems so familiar and so distant like a memory… 

Detail of a two dimensional work and generous above all, tendedero is an original display. Depth of another nature without any vanishing points that could distract a horizontal reading. 


Inverse perspectives, the planes grow as they move away. Windows that turn into red or ochre, in any case, artificial landscapes; with a will all its own. 

Mobile, it runs from left to right, and glides, merging planes from the back to

the front with such parsimony that it is almost impossible to perceive. 


Sudden encounter with the figure, while paintings are reviewed (I ratify they are not completely abstract). Revelation of forms and recognizable symbols: a broken ladder, rings, inner doors, embroidered cloths, tires, combs, questions and masks; perhaps a chair over here, another over there, numbers and letters disposed in a way of indecipherable codes. Glazes and layers of material are over imposed, creating transparencies, mixtures that make it difficult to discover which one came before and which one came after. Yellows, whites, blues; clean, well treated by life, optimistic and hopeful, as Astrid, the creator.




Juan Carlos Macias I.

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