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dialogue between colors



After having participated in many individual and group exhibitions, in México as well as abroad, Astrid Sommer presents a collection of pieces born in the last years entitled “Dialogue between Colors”.

On this occasion she presents medium format acrylic works, radiant in its multiple colors , and bronze sculptures that show careful work, full of conviction. Because it is not only the work but the passion supported by nearly fifteen years dedicated to the plastic arts, participating in different worshops of painting, etching, sculpture and drawing.

Astrid Sommer herself asserts having a geographical reference , places seldom frequented by the traditional visitor in  the nayaritan coast ( Mexican Pacific coast). Places like Las Varas near Puerto Vallarta where one can distinguish between different forms of life, typical and foreign to the hectic comings and goings of the occasional visitor to the region. She finds in those places, 

going toward Costa Custodio and San Blas, further away from the beaches and other fragments that reconstruct the marine ambiance, the forms that live within and the serenity of the golden sun in its waters, something more

The walls and graffitis emerging from a multiple and boundless inspiration that  surely results from the interaction of its inhabitants and nearby tourist visitors.The rusted, the faded , plants that emerge full of life in rustic pots that cover walls, vegetal epidermis that touches and opens the imagination of a universe of colors and is captured in many of the works of this dialogue that is offered to us.

It is the imagination her main tool, this secret voice that only a few listen, and that she turns into forms and colors that in this occasion she shares with us in an authentic dialogue of life.




Rafael Tovar y de Teresa

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